In case you missed it: Immigration Updates for the Week of July 13!
July 15, 2020 at 6:00 AM
by Erin K. Williams, Esq.
Getting up early isn’t that easy and being on time at airports in the morning isn’t either! But a sunrise like this is very enjoyable, especially having such a great view down at the buildings, the streets and the trees which are getting smaller and smaller. Knowing that the TAP airline machine was going to land in beautiful Lisbon was the cherry on the cake.

Luckily, the administration has backed off of it’s position on F-1 and M-1 online class attendance according to the judge presiding over the federal lawsuit filed in opposition to this planned action. As of July 14, the federal judge said that an agreement had been reached and administration will continue to follow the current guidance regarding online classes and this guidance will remain in effect (at least for the fall semester).

Additionally, the U.S. Department of State has issued notice that embassies and consulates worldwide will begin processing of visas in a phased approach. Although hard dates for reopening have not yet been released, those seeking visas abroad will be able to continue processing. Posts will begin opening on a post by post basis.   See the announcement here:

We recommend that you watch the U.S. Visa News section for updates as they are released.
We remain here to discuss your situation and your options in the ever changing U.S. immigration landscape.  Reach out to set a consultation! 

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